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I hesitated to start doing this.....I always hesitate to do what everyone else is doing :) ....but I enjoy the simplicity of the the fact that it is a record of a historical moment......that would be MY a bit of journaling that I do not usually get done, would get done. I may not do it every Monday.......and may sometimes be late. No surprise there! :)

Another reason I have hesitated to start this was because I sometimes do not always keep things simple....I like to write with lots of details............and be chatty......and then, I found Elizabeth's blog post the other day, and found she knows just what I am talking about. So, I will go for it.......and it will be my style in the it usually is...... :)

My Hearts' Haven Daybook, August 4, 2008

Outside My garden has grown a lot in a week. I am happy to see the basil doing better than when I left. The tomato leaves look a bit unhappy. There were some snow peas to munch on and a few cherry tomatoes..............and we see baby squash, peppers and eggplant. The flowers Garrett planted on the edge just for fun are a pretty sight for the eyes. We picked a huge turnip, a small beet and a small rutabaga. We are so excited about this because we have never grown these plants before. We will be eating them with tomorrow's meal......baked root vegetables with Lebanese salad and barbequed tri-tip. Mmmmmm.

I am excited I am that I am only 21 1/2 years behind on my scrapbooking now after last week's run of scrapbooking. I am doing more this week with my friend Su Z who is on her way here now.

I am thankful for...our "soulmates" for friends.......Willa and family.........and the most wonderful visit to their home we just had! And also for my grandmother.........I LOVE to know she reads my blog. She is the only one who reads it regularly.

From the kitchen...we are having spinach fettacini alfredo topped with baked chicken and steamed broccoli and red bell pepper. It is SO pretty: two different greens, a red and the white...........lovely contrast. I am baking Italian crust bread..........experimenting with some chopped sundried tomato and minced garlic mixed in.......and a green salad with lettuce from our garden and toppings with homemade balsamic dressing from my oldest daughter's expertise. Oh, and olive oil and garlic for the bread dipping. I think that is it. Can you tell we are having company? This is my new company meal this summer. Not sure if I have time to whip up a dessert.............I may save that for tomorrow night. I am pretty sure one of the boys visiting has a birthday tomorrow.

I do not usually make such a nice meal. :) My poor kids.

I am camping clothes: an old very flowery and flowing skirt with an old shirt that has a splatter of paint on it somewhere.

I am creating........a letter of reference for a dear friend's daughter, who would like to go to Thomas Aquinas College in Fall of 2009. I am also creating a Literature Evening with Howard Pyle for our next literature evening.

I am try not to stay up too late tonight!

I am reading.........Charlotte Mason's Formation of Character and The Four Loves by CS Lewis. Willa and I are reading the CM book at the same time. She keeps ahead of me as she started first. :) Still trying to figure out what to read list is overwhelming me. There are A LOT of books still left for me to discover!

I am hoping...well.....I have some private prayers big on my mind right now...........but I am also hoping my company can find a way to stay through Friday and not have to leave on Thursday! :)

I am six children, aged 6yrs to 19yrs, belting out along with the music from The Scarlet Pimpernel........they do this regularly, all day long..........if they can......... from different musicals. This is why I have to have a rule during school hours: ONLY Classical music before lunch. :) (The funny thing: I worte this on Monday morning.........and then later about 7:30pm when I came back to finish writing this.........they were doing it yet AGAIN! :) )

Around the house.......we have the leftovers of stuff and sleeping bags and piles of dirty laundry that I am slowly whittling down (already have one on the ready to go....and one in the wash!) from our trip to visit our friends in the High Sierras of California. We returned late last night, just after 10pm...........and are quite pooped out!

One of my favorite looking through my most recent pages of my scrapbooking endeavors.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: We have company arriving in just four hours........we will hang and play with them till Thursday.......this includes scrapbooking moms, swordfighting boys..........and girls who love to be togther doing girly stuff. The boys have new airguns and will be begging to use those. I hope to hold my ground and say NO. I am SO naive, that when they were buying "air" guns, I thought that meant they shot "air".........I was very surprised to learn they needed to purchase beebees (how does one spell that word???). I am NOT so happy about this. They will need their father's intervention to convince me they can have what they want. :)

(Update: my husband has helped me to see this is possibly okay...........and Matthew let me shoot the pistol.........I am a GOOD shot! :) I hit my target twice, with my first time ever shooting ANY gun in my life. It was kind of fun.........shhhh.........don't tell the boys!)

Here is picture thought I am sharing........

It is hard to tell in this photo........but that turnip is about 5-6 inches in diameter! fresh from our garden!!

I want to add two more comments to the Simple Woman's Daybook for my blog:

Special prayer requests on my mind this week: For my friend Gloria and my sister Jennifer who are due the same week with their 6th and 4th babies..........and it is only about 7 weeks to go. And of course my private intentions: I have three special ones........just waiting patiently for God to come around to my way of thinking :) Oh, and for our coming homeschool year! We DEFINITELY could use some prayers!!

And, I cannot for the life of me remember what the other comment was.........par for course!

God bless you for reading this far!


PS: I wrote this on Monday......but ran out of time to post it!

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My boys can't stop talking about airguns and who might be shooting one right now : ).

I got your feed by email but a day late -- Kevin had already read this post last night!