Sunday, August 10, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

Work stuff: I wonder if I am allergic to WORK.............I almost always, and have for years......get PWTS:

Post-Working Tramatic Syndrome

It almost always includes a headache......mild to migraine.......often includes nausea, and usually major tiredness, with or without the other symptoms.

This is why I rarely work two days in a row (much less in a month :) )

I have always wondered if it was the lights or chemicals.........I am pretty sure it is related to blood sugar issues as my meal times change, or even disappear, when I am at work. Or, could it be my brain is being forced to work? Who knows.............but it IS consistent. It sucks. These are twelve hour shifts........but we can count on being away from home no less than 13-15 hours each time. ugh.

Yesterday my legs and feet were trobbing after work...............they ached for a massage. :)

Phone calls: I REALLY needed to call some has been months.......or even longer since I talked to a few of these people. Since I had to chop so many vegetables for dinner tonight..........I decided to make a few calls. I tried my father-in-law.......guess he is out of town, in New Hampshire, for his annual August trip to see son #2, 9 of 10 grandchildren........and 6 great-grandkids. So I ended up talking to Aunt Dana, wife of son #4. It was so cute when Malachy yelled at the phone spontaneously: "Hi, Aunt Dana! Hi, godmother!" He was embarrassed by his cuteness. :)

I talked to my friend Jeanne in Sacramento area..........we were sad to miss a real life visit together last we made up for it with a chat. She is a dear. Keep her in prayer, please.

My cousin Julie...........we have not chatted, I THINK, since we met at Disneyland last year........but we MAY have talked around Christmas.......not sure. It was fun catching up.........she is finally in nursing school. I do not envy her, being so "old" and going through nursing school. :) She is my closest age cousin: only 16 months younger. Now my dad can be reassured that I DO sometimes listen to him (and call my cousin).

A new friend: A Catholic homeschooling mom recently joined our online camping group......she only lives 2.4 hours away...........she has big and little children. My older kids are impressed that that her two oldest are Thomas Aquinas College students (one just graduated). So am I. Very cool. She lives on our way to visit Reno, so we expect to get to meet them in person one, they may have soccer games out our way this fall.

Gloria: Anne and I were doing dinner-prep, for John's meal (her husband), and I said: Why does cooking for John always have to be such huge amount of work??? :)(Since most of the year Gloria and John visit about once a month, Gloria and I do this together, I already knew. :) )

Anne responded: Imagine what Gloria does, and with all those babies underfoot!

So, we called her to tell her we understand how hard she works, and to tell her we would pray for her always, to keep up the pace. :)

We also told her we are praying for her pregnancy and her risk factors. Please join us!

Hmmm.........was that ALL of the phone calls?

Tubing on the river: John took three of my kids tubing of them took the last rapids without a tube..........a few scratches and bruises, but otherwise okay. They said it was pretty cold.

Now Showing: We saw a delightfully engaging old movie classic today! Random Harvest starring Greer Garson (one of my favorite actresses and the reason I had ordered it from Netflix) and Ronald Colman. It is based off a novel of the same name, by James Hilton. I knew I recognized the name! He wrote Lost Horizons. I read that once in high school and again last year. He also wrote Goodbye, Mr. Chips. I ordered both from the library............and will then watch the "Chips" movie with Greer Garson in it. There are three other re-makes after that, too. There was a newcomer in the film named Susan Peters. We looked her up on Google to see what else she did because we enjoyed her acting..........and found she had a tragically short life. It was depressing. :( My friend Clare just HAS to see this movie.........she will love the story AND the costumes. :)

We also saw The Errand Boy with Jerry Lewis. He was also the director and producer. Hardly funny at all, though comedy was the point........must have been just below Malachy's level (almost 7 years old) because he only laughed some of the time. :) WAY too predictable!

Going off to bed..............

God bless!

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