Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hey, Haven Family Performers...... that Beauty & the Beast is over, what are you gonna do?????


Haven Kids celebrating 50 yrs with Disneyland in 2006........Malachy less than cooperative.

Haven kids with my dad, Georgie-Pop. What a sweet guy to treat! The "C" for California Adventure Park, the night of our arrival in September 2006.


Yes, it sounds like a commercial, but it is the truth. When my dad took everybody last year, he kept saying how much fun he had..............and, that he wants to do it again. So, here we are!

I had to chuckle when my friend Alice left a comment on my last blog entry, saying:

It is official. You have had the most phenomenal summer ever.

It got me thinking......hmmm......when does summer really end? September 2oth (or is it the 21st?), that means, I still have more to do, to have an even more phenomenal summer.

Alice, I must add a long Disneyland weekend to the deal, plus a week in San Diego, hanging out at the beach with some of our dearest friends, while visiting relatives.

I must also add:

Some of the Haven kids with some of Robynn's kids, at the Getty in 2005.

A visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum with dear friends. This museum is free, wonderful and absolutely beautiful! We just love this museum. It has become a tradition for us, of visiting it on the way to Disneyland. Our dear friend Robynn in Lancaster has always joined us. This year we have invited a few others. The Getty is also only 6 miles down the freeway from:

Johnny's Pastrami!!! Where my family is on their 4th generation of eating here! There is NO place in the world where the pastrami gets this good, trust me, I have tried! And, their pickles are pretty special, too. Just add some french fries and rootbeer, and you have it covered! The sandwiches are $9.95 these days, but at least feed two kids.............oh! I am drooling now! Can't wait! And, this year, I am buying an extra sandwich to eat in my hotel room at Disneyland, so the experience will last longer. :)

Last year at Disneyland felt like a family reunion. I am hoping for the same this year. My dad of course, the cool guy treating. My cousin Julie came last year, and is planning to come this year, too. Hopefully with one of her kids. My Aunt Nancy also......with my cousin Cindy's three kids. My sister Teresa & her family and family friends, the Synders, will be attending this second year. Sadly Robynn cannot join us this year. Last year, Erica from San Diego came up and spent an hour with us in the cement picnic area just outside of Disneyland entrance. That was special! Others are invited, we will just have to see who shows up.

On the way home from San Diego, we plan a stopover in Lancaster at Robynn's and hopefully will see a performance of Cheaper by the Dozen in which her son plays the 5th son in the family. This possibility is exciting for us, as we have never seen this play live.

And lastly, we are planning a layover in Northern Nevada, home of most of my family: my parents and siblings, a few cousins.

So, see Alice, my phenomenal summer is so not over, yet!
I think school will really start in, uh, October. Until then, it is "travel school" for us, yet again.




I said...

Yeah, but no mention of your favorite little sister who is not invited to this family reunion! Not to mention, I'll be visiting your house while you are in SoCal. hmpf.
Love you all anyway, and hope you have a great time!

Alice Gunther said...

I amend my comment to say "you are the most phenomenal family around, and your phenomenal adventures could never be limited by season!!!

This blog is so much fun to read.