Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a Picture Book Day!

Got a few titles for old favorite, lately rediscovered, and three new choices.....that begged to be picked off the shelf at the library!

PECOS BILL Written & Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

This book is a cute as I remember it! Pecos Bill stories are always fun...and I was able to teach Malachy what a "tall tale" is.......and now I will use this book as a jumping point for other conversations about "tall tales." The pictures are hilarious and well-drawn, with great color. Also, this book reminds me that it has been a long time since we took a stroll through Steven Kellogg's books. The last time we went through his books, I believe Malachy was a mere infant, if he was even yet born. With Malachy's sense of humor, I think he will find Kellogg's books a kick...and I am off to the library for more!!! Garrett may not even remember these stories.

If you and your kids have not yet visited a collection of Steven Kellogg's books...DO GO FOR IT! You will have a blast....and then...we will go after Bill Peet's books, too......same situation as above....and I do not want Malachy to miss out on these great, funny authors!

CATERINA: THE CLEVER FARM GIRL by Julienne Peterson & illustrated by Enzo Giannini

Oh, my, I loved this book!!! It is based on a Tuscan Folktale......and it is delightful! I love the ending......but I cannot tell you what it is......I do not want to ruin it for you! The illustrations are fact, it was the cover that popped off the bookshelf at the library and into my hands! Caterina, a clever farm girl charms the king with her cleverness........and, well, you must go read the book to find the rest of the story. I read it to my boys....and they enjoyed it....and I am sure any girl would love it, too. Even a mom! :)

When I went to return the book to the favorite librarian was just leaving.......and she willingly stopped to read this book before she left.....we are both addicted to wonderful picture books. Maybe that is why she is my favorite? :)

I hope this author has other stories......and that our library has more books from the illustrator!

I just searched the internet...only this book as far as I can see..... :(

PAPA AND THE PIONEER QUILT BY Jean Van Leeuwen & Illustrated by Rebecca Bond

Sweet story about a papa who has "wandering feet" and keeps moving his family further west....and of his daughter who wants to make a collecting scraps on the way to Oregon. Sweet artwork.....sweet story....and quilts! I just love quilt stories, don't you?!

THE SQUIRE'S BRIDE by P.C. Asbjornsen & Illustrated by Marcia Sewall

Funny little story based on a Norwegian tale. I do not want to give the story away....worth the read.....nice pencil drawings...or is that pen?

We had not read any pictures books lately, except about eagles & it was nice to have a change today!

Have a blessed picture book day, everyday!!!! Or, at least several times a week! :)



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