Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jiddee!!

Today is my father-in-law's birthday!

He is 86 years young!

I always know how old he is because he is 70 years older than whatever Sarah is at the time. :)
She was only 6 months old at his 70th birthday party.

His name is Woodrow...

....and everybody calls him Woody.....

......except his grandkids.......

....who call him "Jiddee" which is Arabic for Grandpa.

He has 24 grandkids, six of which are mine.

He has a bunch of great-grandkids......a ball park figure might be 14, with 2 more on the way.......none of which are mine. :)
A few photos.........
Taken when Marty and his siblings were a lot younger :)
Those clothes and that hair reek of the seventies :)

Marty, Beth & Christopher in front
Woody & Marilyn, the parental figures....and Bill & David in back
And, a handful of photos from Woody's visit to Our Hearts' Haven in April 2008:

Woody & I making Tabouli for our 2008 Lebanese Feast

Woody & a young Garrett working on the Lebanese Feast Food

The 2008 Lebanese Feast
with Gavin, Kevin, Patty & Sierra on the left
Marty at the head of the table, with Woody to his left, and Anne & Terri
In the back, you can see Maddelyn, Garrett, Malachy & Sarah

Jiddee with his grand-kids at Hearts' Haven, Spring 2008

Jiddee with his granddaughters.......Maddelyn, Sarah & Anne

We miss you, Jiddee, and hope you come for a visit soon!!!

We love you, Jiddee!!!


Love your family at Hearts' Haven!
PS Welcome to the Internet! :)


Matthew said...

happy birthday Jiddee!!! I love you.

B. Bryan said...

I love you Pop! I am very proud to be your daughter! Thank you for always being there, even if we do not live in the same state!
May god bless you always!
Your daughter, Beth

Chari said...

Notice the resemblance between Jiddee and Anne? :)