Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday, Anne!!!





I LOVE this photo of Anne!

It is her bio photo for "The Gazebo"

Anne, 6 weeks......with her mama.

Looks like her papa, here! Six weeks.

Our little "brown" baby

Anne, one week

Anne, first week, held by her grandpa: Georgie-Pop

On week old...

and her Grandma Marilyn Bryan, whom she has never met...

but would have loved and been loved by......

At 8 weeks......

Anne and her Papa!

Sweet girl

With her Grandma Ley at nine weeks......

Anne, at 25 months welcomes her best friend and first sibling...Matthew James

I bet Aunt beth remembers that early morning!!

Anne, at two and a half, with her Great-Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom...

.....Matthew is five months old

We miss Uncle Tom, may he rest in peace.

One of my all-time favorite pictures of Anne & Matthew!!

They are 3 years & one year, respectively.

Anne at 4 yrs, with her Great-Grandpa, Danny!

We miss you, Grandpa!

Anne, the dark child, seven months younger than her cousin Alexis, the light child.

In Eureka, CA, visiting their Great Grandparents...and YES!

They are actually eating chip crumbs off of the sidewalk.....blech!

Anne was a bumble bee in her first dance recital...
....6 years old.

Anne, 7, with the dark pig tails, and her three younger siblings

Matthew, 5

Sarah, 3

Maddelyn, 18 months

Camping at Lake Juanita

Anne, aged eight, center with siblings:

Baby Garrett 2 months

Maddelyn 2 years

Sarah 4 years

and Matthew 6 years


So, the above was a blast from the past......

.....and below, you will find photos from 2009, just a small sampling!!!


Anne with her two favorite men:

her father & her brother Matthew

Taken part way up Mount Shasta, Spring 2009

The two sisters, Anne & Maddelyn
Taken same place, day...see Lake Siskiyou in the background.

Anne & one of her favorite friends, Euphemia
June 2009

Anne, and her three "sisters"
Clare, a best friend...Sarah, Anne, Maddelyn
Ages: 19, 16, 20 & 14 years
Taken at Shaver Lake, Summer 2009

Anne & Maddelyn while singing in the Barbershop Choir

Taken August 2009
Anne and her "sisters"
Sarah, Anne, Maddelyn, Clare
Taken July 2009

Anne dancing at our Summer dance party, August 2009

Anne, shares her addiction to knitting, on the deck in the Sierras
Taken June 2009

Anne & Maddelyn on the set of THE GAZEBO
Anne was the director & Maddelyn the housekeeper
May 2009

Anne & her parents
August 2009

Anne & her sister Sarah
Taken July 2009

Anne & her grandpa, Georgie-Pop
Taken August 2009

Anne graduates with her Associates Degree in English
May 2009, with her most favorite teacher, Eve

Anne, May 2009
We are so proud of you, Anne!
We wish you many blessings on this birthday and forever!!!
We miss you!!!
We love you!!!
your family waiting for you at Our Hearts' Haven

PS....I LOVE how much living green is in these photos!!


Matthew said...

Happy birthday Anne, I love. But I will be out of town for these few days,talk to you after.

Shawna said...

It is all that they does go by SO fast! In a blink that brown baby girl is all grown up. Good job Mamma. You did well. Happy, happy 21st to you dear Anne. You are so loved by so many!

molly said...

What great photos. I hope your 21st year is the best yet:)

Lovely post!