Monday, October 19, 2009

It's The Little Man's Birthday Today......

EIGHT years ago, we had this.......

Anne, 13 years old, proxy for the godparents at Malachy's baptism

Also, Father Hunter & Sarah, 8 years

Garrett, 4.5 years & Malachy

Malachy & godfather, Uncle Christopher

Malachy with godmother, Aunt Dana


And, now...........we have scenes from the latest year in Malachy's life........

In the night.....couldn't wait to get out there... least this one time he has shoes on!!!

He loved tee ball this year, being on Abraham's (son of Shawna) team....

....his taller friend next to him there.......

Too cute!

With oldest sister Anne, when she graduated with her AA in May

With his oldest brother, and tallest, at Matthew's High School graduation in May

In the Lake at our annual Catholic homeschool campout

Malachy & one of his favorite friends, Paddy (son of Willa),

in one of their many imaginary games...

Malachy with his friend Winona....

....another one he has grown up with since birth...

...that also includes Abraham & Paddy above, too

Malachy hated baths his first year of life...

....but has been a lake boy ever since.....

One of his duplo creations.......this was a church

Paddy, Aidan & Malachy....friends since their forever started :)

This summer with Catholic homeschooling friends at Castle Lake,

Clementine, another "forever" friend, in the background

I love this action shot!

At a public pool for Catherine G.'s birthday party....such fun!

By the Sacramento River at a lovely park.....

........picnicking for Catherine's birthday

The brothers, Garrett & Malachy,
the night of the Taiko concert,
held outdoors, at the base of the mountain.....nice August night.

Malachy with one of his favorite dance partners, Bethany!!
Taken at our summer 2009 dance party.

Malachy and big sister Anne, at the same party.

Winona & Malachy created this special mask and a cape for her little brother, Jade.

Malachy cuddling a chihuahua friend, after he and Winona had bathed the two dogs.

Malachy has loved the felines around Hearts' Haven since he realized their existence.

Malachy with two of his best friends......sisters Clairemarie & Clementine.
Berrypicking, summer '09.

Malachy loves kite flying!

Happy birthday, Malachy!!!
We love you!!!!
We thank God every day for bringing you to our family.
Love from your family at Our Hearts' Haven!!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Happy birthday to Malachy! I didn't realize how much he and Garrett look alike!

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Malachy! I cannot imagine the Bryan family without you! You hold a very special place in my are the only Bryan I have known your WHOLE life. I hope this year is your best one so far!
Love Shawna and all the Barrs

Matthew said...

I think I recognize that church made of blocks... "you step outside that door you are never coming back--where's my beer??--you hear me!!!!" happybithday buddy and thank you Mama for making these accessible. I guess I'm next.

Willa said...

Happy birthday Malachy! (and Aidan and Paddy say happy birthday too).

Too bad we can't be there to celebrate as we were on your Year Zero (as Paddy calls it) when you were first born.

Love from Willa and all the Ryans

B. Bryan said...

Happy Birthday KyKy
I hope you had a wonderful day! I really enjoyed talking to you last night! I hope to see you and the rest of your family soon!
God bless you!
Love you,
Aunt Beth

Miss Anne said...

Oh my goodness! Happy birthday, little brother! You look so grownup in all the pictures, and you sound so old over the phone. I remember the day mama brought you home.....and I saw your tiny red ear peeking from beneath your hat.....and I fell in love with my baby brother. Malachy, you are such a blessing to our family. I am so thankful God sent you to us. I hope you have a super wonderful year, my big eight-yr-old.......and don't grow up too fast :)

I love you,

Your "Sissy"