Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haven Heartbeats

So, just some random thoughts.........that is what the Haven Heartbeats stands for.....right?

I tried all week to post......but I never felt like writing. I had some fantasy of posting something profound daily for Holy Week. Maybe next year........

I had an opportunity to chat with my brother-in-law David a few evenings ago. He and his family used to live here, in our town, but up and moved to New Hampshire about 12.5 years ago. That was a sad day.

Anyway, he and his wife Christine, have ten children.......only four are still at home......hey, that will be like us next fall! I have two more St. Gerard prayer requests now. Two of our nieces, Clara and Suzanne, are expecting babies the same week......the last week of September. It will be 5th and 3rd respectively. They both live in New Hampshire, too

Yesterday morning we woke up to four inches of snow. Of course, it is all gone this morning....and the sun is currently rising today. We have had a week of dreary weather.......except for that gorgeous last Monday....when it hit 70*!

Today is supposed to be near 60*.......and I think the plan is to take the kids skiing/boarding for their last day of this season. I believe we are even going to be brave and let Garrett board today. And, Malachy gets to play a big kid and join them for the day, too. The last few outings the kids have been able to take him on the intermediate ski lift. That is cool.

I am longing for Spring......and for FREE get things done around here. Oh, and the energy to do it, too, would be helpful. :)

Speaking of energy, using the treadmill as many days a week as possible (so far, four times a week) has definitely made a difference in my energy, even in spite of the fact that my latest sleeping, or lack of sleeping, issue has been for my body and mind to wake up between 4:30 and 6:30 am, never to fall back to sleep. That is why I am here this morning, all by myself......peace and quiet!

It is kind of self-absorbed blog posts can be. I don't really want to talk about myself so much......but, I guess if I actually wrote hard copy letters to my friends and loved might look like this blog.

So, that is all I got written this morning, before the hordes awakened.......and we had to get up to the ski park.
It was a good day up there. I will write a post all about a specific experience I had up there today........and post it tomorrow.
Malachy got to go on more intermediate runs today............and then when his papa got up there..........they took him on some advanced runs. Marty says he can do the whole park now......just no "tree skiing." What?!!?? There's tree skiing up there????
I came home and wandered around aimlessly for awhile and finally we put a documentary on....and I crashed hard. Unfortunately I did not get a second wind......I am still dragging. I guess the Easter feast shall be totally prepared on Easter.
I checked out the ten day forecast a few minutes ago.............all of the rain has been mostly taken out of the equation.....and I see by next weekend........we will be near 70*! I told Marty he had better get my clothes line up before next weekend! I think my weekend is not very scheduled......past opening day for baseball season here.
Got to go see if I can do anything to salvage my time is only a little after nine!
Love, chari

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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Love to all of you... have a beautiful and blessed Easter!