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***** A YEAR IN PICTURES *****


In honor of Sarah's birthday last week, I have compiled her last year, in photos.

Boy, will she be surprised!

My crafty & generous little fella, 7 yo Malachy, announces Sarah's age for this birthday!

The photo above: A candid of Sarah, taken during the rehearsal of "Don't Mention My Name"

photo by J. Young


Sarah has had quite a year!

Let's take a look,



Snowboarding at the base of the beautiful Mount Shasta!

Hugging her 11 year old brother Garrett, in the ski park parking lot.


Visiting Muir Woods, with oldest sister Anne, and little friend Claremarie.

Sarah, kneeling, with Anne, planting seeds in our garden.

Jiddee (Arabic for grandpa) with three granddaughters:

Maddelyn, 13, Sarah, 15 & Anne 19

Taken after Anne's Jazz concert

Sarah, preparing grape leaves for our grape leaf rolls for our annual Lebanese Feast, with our Lebanese Grandpa, aka Jiddee.

The next four pictures were taken during the rehearsal and performances of Disney's Aristocats, put on by a cast at a local public school.

Anne was the choreographer.

Sarah was the stage manager.

Maddelyn was the dance captain.

The girls assisted in making this back drop for the show.

Sarah, Maddelyn & Anne.

Three sisters.

Sarah with a cat and with our little friend Clementine, who came to watch one of the shows.

Sarah & Maddelyn model the caps made by Linda V. for the geese in the play.

Kathy Y., the director in the background, with smiling Sarah.

Annual May piano recital.


The two photos above:

Sarah is dressed up for a part in a murder mystery play for Sierra's 18th birthday.

What fun!

A very pregnant Aunt Jennifer came by for a visit in June. Big sister Anne looking on.

The next large batch a photos represent a most wonderful and fantastical visit to our friends in the Sierras. It was like time was stopped. It is usually like that with these friends, as we float through our days. All four girls: my three, and their only one, Clare, had sewn Regency Era (Jane Austen) dresses before they got together. The plan was a photo shoot, with Matthew as the photographer. The site: a lake high up in the Sierras. There were about 200 pictures!

Sarah & Clare

Sarah, Clare, Anne & Maddelyn

Sarah does EVERYBODYS' hair, from little girls to big sisters, like Anne.

Sarah with Kevin and son Aidan for a ride on an "old" boat :)

Sitting on the dock at the lake

In Willa's kitchen.....the girls were trying to hide from me while I tried to get their picture.

Maddelyn & Sarah

Later in the week, after we returned from the lake, the girls found vintage costumes to wear for another photo shoot. I could not pick just one.........there were at least 30!

On our last night, there was a swing dance!

Sarah & partner 5 yo Paddy have at it on the dance floor!

When we got home from Willa's home in the Sierras, we greeted our friends the Z Family of Carson City, Nevada. Here are photos of Sarah during that visit:

Chatting at the table.....

Watching the boys being goofy........from our porch swing, built by Matthew

Sadie is at her feet

Sarah sweetly made this cake for the youngest Z, Jace..........who turned 13 while visiting us

He is an excellent baseball player.

A few days later, we headed north to visit Crator Lake National Park. Mine and Marty's first visit since our honeymoon 23 years before, almost to the day.....and the kids first visit ever.

The three sisters.maddelyn.anne.sarah.

The six siblings

Anne, Matthew, Maddleyn, Garrett, Malachy & Sarah

Those same six

Anne, Matthew, Sarah, Malachy, Maddelyn & Garrett

Two weeks later, Marty's cousin Debora & family came for a visit. We visited many lovely sopts.....including these falls, where Sarah took a jump

And, the week after that........we headed south, to meet up with my dad at Disneyland...but, first, a few stops on the way........

Sarah & her siblings: Garrett, Matthew, Malachy & Maddelyn on Sunset Blvd, stopping by a favorite store.

Sweet sisters, Sarah & Maddelyn, in the Pacific Ocean, right next to the Santa Monica Pier

Ahhhhh, we have arrived at Disneyland!

Hearts' Haven kids with their grandpa: Georgie-pop, who treated for Disneyland

Garrett, Maddelyn, George, Matthew, Malachy & Sarah

Sarah on the left, in black, grinning. I am in the back with my hands up. silly.

Next to me is my niece Kaydance, and in front is my niece Venice.....Teresa's girls.

This was the last photo I took........before my favorite camera BUSTED!

I love this photo or Sarah and her two cousins: Kaydance, 12 & Venice, 15

Gotta love this horse's tongue on the carousel at Disneyland.

A candid

FALL 2008

Sarah meets her new cousin, 2 week old Jaylen Reeves, 4th child of Aunt Jennifer & Uncle Rob

Sarah meets my godson, Benedict Michael, for the first time, just before his baptism.

Sarah drew these pictures in the fall.....

The weekend before Thanksgiving, my kids were part of a production at our local charter school.

Anne was the co-director, Matthew had the lead....and Sarah & Maddelyn each had good parts. Garrett did the lights.

Sister Sarah & Brother Matthew during a rehearsal

Sarah, aka Sylvia Dutton, & her partner in the play, Dexter Chandler, played by Gavin B

Funny, these two were married to each other in their first play, in Charlotte's Web. :)

Matthew, with his partner in the play, and Sarah with hers.

Sarah & her Georgie-Pop, during Christmas Season, 2008

And, that is it!

What a long year........what a lot of work to create this! :)

Happy Sweet 16, Sarah!!!!!

Love your family


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! You're the bestest and most beautiful, and we all love and miss you very much!

Shawna said...

Sarah, happy birthday to you! This has been quite a year for you! You have "bloomed" into such lovliness. May God bless you richly this 16th year. Love from all the Barrs.

Mary Chris said...

Many Birthday Wishes to a young lady who is beautiful inside and out! We hope to see you again soon! God Bless you!!!
Love from the Beardsleys.

Anonymous said...

The Z's wish a wonderful, beautiful, 16 year old happy birthday. Can't wait to see you!
God bless,
And love you,
The Zampirros

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

Happy Birthday you wonderful, lovely young woman. I cannot even believe that you are sixteen. Wow, that is all grown up. You are a lovely and dear girl, full of compassion, grace and kindness. I am honored to have you as a friend and keep you close to my heart. Love you! Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! I hope you had a great 16th birthday and that you're having fun. Miss you a lot!

Lots of love, Sierra.

Willa said...

Happy birthday, Sarah! Those pictures brought back so many memories -- so hard to believe how little you were when we first met you, and how you've grown up since!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Sarah! Love from Aidan

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th Birthday Sarah! We are so blessed to have you as a friend. We hope you have a great year. With Love,
The Stockings

Anonymous said...

To a friend who can master my unruly curls and has an excellent taste in books. Happy 16th Birthday Sarah!
Sierra S.

erica said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!! You are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! May I ask the name of the lake in your photographs? It looks a lot like a lake where we camp.

We all hope you had a wonderful birthday.

The Sanchezes in San Diego

JEN said...


I LOVE the photo montage! Except one that is missing, the one with your newest Kittrell Baby! ;) I'm going to have to borrow a few for our home collection!

I'm so proud of the beautiful young lady you have become (despite my PLEAS about not getting older!)

We can't wait to see you again! We love you!
Aunt JEN and Uncle Rob,
Hudson, Avery, Carter, & Jaylen

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, this is the first time I have ever been to or commented on a blog...I hope I don't mess anything up! Anyway, Happy Birthday,I can't believe you are already 16! We enjoyed the picture show. You had quite a busy year. Hopefully we can get together soon.Love and many blessings, Cindy and Jacob

Miss Anne said...

May your 16th year be full of blessings and joys. I am so proud of you for everything you are. Happy Birthday, sweet sister!

Much Love,

alexisxannastetic said...

Happy birthday to us! =] Sixteen and twenty one! Man, I should do a picture-ogophy like your mom did! I love you, all of you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sarah!

I hope you had a GREAT birthday day 16... WOW! I can't believe how old you are getting. I remember when i first met you. You were so tiny. My Sarah Little Beth... My UGA BUGA! I love you and miss you very much! Hopefully I will get up to Northern California sometime this year for a visit!
Take care off yourself and your family. Keep them smiling!!!
God bless you my Sweetheart!
Love, Aunt Beth

Sarah said...

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Lots of love!