Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's been some good news around here.....

Let's see, where do I start?

How about pregnancy announcements?

Having kept mum for almost three months, we are finally allowed to share: my friend Louise is pregnant! Her birthday is this week...and then she and I will be the same age.......this is is her second baby....and my kids, who just found out last week, are absolutely estatic! I do believe they believe, the next best thing to me having a baby (don't panic, Grandma! :) ), is Louise having a baby.

We also have another local friend due the same week...and she is over 40, too! Yay, Victoria! This will be number 4 for her family.

And, we just found out today, that our dear friend Erica in San Diego is expecting baby#8 the exact same week....and she is over 40 also.

Isn't this exciting!

Congratulations to all three of you........and I am excited that I will be able to share Louise's birth with her.

You are all added to our daily Memorare for expectant moms!

Next good news, it looks as if I have actually found a Certified homeopath, who really and truly does live and practice in my town!!! I will make an appointment shortly to see if we can get these asthma symptoms cleared up once and for all! I met her yesterday. She has been a nurse practitioner for over 28 years and seems to fit the bill. Please pray this is so!

And, more GREAT news! I have not found my way here to mention that one of my close friend's husband had lost his job two weeks ago. We have all been scheming and praying........and on Saturday, he was offered a job.....and, from an employer who had told him almost two weeks before that there was no room for him at their place of business! We are so grateful to God for this opportunity!

And, our community good news.....THERE IS SNOW!!!!!

Our poor little community was so hurting, being a tourist town. We depend on snow for the businesses to make money. This feels so much better.

There may be other good news......but I am at a loss to remember anymore, right now.


I have finally got the Christmas newsletter finished.......I just need to finish proofreading...and then I can get copies made and mailed. I will not be finishing that project, till I have all of the college & scholarship application stuff cared for........so, a couple of more weeks, I guess! I am getting closer....and will look forward to when this batch is done!!

We have TWO graduates this spring!

Anne will be graduating with her AA.

Matthew will be graduating from high school.

One on May 15 and the other May 28th. And in between? Well, they have college finals and a show........that Anne is directing and Matthew is starring in....plus doing all of the set design and building. And, three other siblings are in the show as well!

I am having these few moments to post because I am waiting for 13 year old Maddelyn, who is in a 50 minute class here at the college. It is a music fundamentals course.....and ugh, it is FIVE days a week! Thankfully, Anne can drive her and Matthew and Sarah three of the days. Marty has been good about driving Maddelyn on one of the days.....so, that leaves only one for me. Phew!!

I am in the college's library.

Garrett, aged 11, for only another month or so, has been on a REAL basketball team. Our little charter school was able to form a team this season. Some weeks, this has meant basketball 6 evenings a week! We have an amazing coach, with amazing experience. He also happens to be the director's husband. that is how we got such a great guy.........he has two boys on the team. We combined with another small team from a private Christian school after the season started......and doubled our game schedule! It has been so good for Garrett......and Malachy loves going to the games. Me, too. They finally had their first win last Friday, in a tournament. It was a great comeback!

I guess the biggest drawback, besides the busy schedule, is the fact that our sparsely populated county is so big...and we have to do a lot of driving for games......most over 30 minutes away from home...and some over an hour!

Last bit of news.........Sarah will be 16 years old on Sunday!!!!

Well, time is up! Maybe I will come back here next Tuesday!

God bless your week!


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JEN said...

You guys are definitely busy! No wonder I don't get to talk to you much. Congrats to Garrett and his team on the win!!!