Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Out Loud Video, with Matthew!

I have been meaning to place a video here for months. I cannot figure out how to embed it. So, to see the Poetry Out Loud California State Finals Documentary for 2008, please go here.

While we watched it the first time, we were disappointed they did not include Matthew reciting, and only a few seconds of Matthew's interview (they interviewed them twice, once after each recitation). We only "saw" him here and there in the group shots.....he is the tall one, clean-cut, with the shirt and tie. Then, at the very end....we got a surprise.

So, when you go to see this video, realize it is a little over 9 minutes. It is well done.

You will hear Matthew speak at 4 minutes 2 seconds and then, our surprise, can be found at 8 minutes 20 seconds. You do not see him at first, you will only hear his voice over the video footage...and then you will see him....his comment is the LAST one heard on the video, again from one of the interviews.

Funny, I never noticed before, but just before Matthew's quote, a poet says something about some people need religion or a fundamental belief system....and that poetry can fulfill that. Whatever. :) I think it just expresses that, myself.....or adds to it, as with Matthew's choice of poems. And, sometimes, I think poetry expresses a person's LACK of religion or fundamental belief system. :)

I just noticed he has one of those ski goggle sunburn lines on his nose. :)

I think he is hoping for one of those this weekend! :)

Well, I only had a bit of time here, while I wait for the kids in their college class. Maddelyn and Matthew this time. I had to drive them, including Anne, because we got about 18 inches of snow. YES!! We actually have ten days of snow on the 10-day forcast! Boy, do we need it! At least the ski park will be set for a while. They were barely open before the storms hit. Skiing tomorrow, on Saint Valentine's Day.

I will have to come back later to get Anne. Unless I get called into I am on call till 1900.

Garrett got up and outside early and has been shoveling the property all by himself. This includes the driveway! I know it is a pride thing for him....he loves to please his father.....who loves to see his kids shovel. Someday, I bet his father will buy a snowblower.......after all the shovellers leave home......or, he will move somewhere where there is NO shovelling needed!

God bless your day, your weekend!

Love, chari


Woman of Faith said...

Wow, Chari. That was a great video, and so good to see Matthew. I am just starting poetry with Freddie this year, and definitely need to change the way I read it. :-D I am not very educated in poetry myself, but hope to instill SOMETHING in my kids by the time they leave my Academy. :-D

Thanks for sharing.

JEN said...

Yeah! I won't be able to watch the video until tomorrow though but I can't wait!