Sunday, May 25, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

I am not supposed to be here this morning. I am supposed to be at Mass. :( But, On Friday night, my throat began to swell up. A dose of aconite (homeopathic remedy) decreased the discomfort but did not take it away. I still had it yesterday and felt quite dizzy with that overwhelming feeling of blah. And then, I woke up the same........a bit too ill to drive to mass. At least two of my girls are feeling yucky, too..........and we are pretty sure it is the oldest who gave it to she felt a bit yucky last week. Blah!

I have been visiting one of my dearest friends' daughter's blog this morning. It was a lot of fun to see what's up. If you have any teenage girls........and they like to be feminine......they may love this blog, and be inspired. I do. I am. :)

Last weekend it was WAY to hot to do anything outside around the house: 96* in MAY??????..........this weekend, it was too cold & and rainy to work outside (not to mention we feel icky). Last week, I completely cleaned the woodstove out, put away the hearth rug and the wood box. Three days ago I had to get it all back out again...........after three days of being cold. I tried to work through it, but was too hard. I was hoping I would be done with the fires....they are wonderful......but after 8 get kind of tired of the ashes and having to vacuum. It is the only way we heat our house. I DO love that.

John and Gloria and the four girls are here this weekend visiting from San Francisco. We had to cancel our hike the first day.......due to the bad weather. I have a new hike planned with a surprise at the end of the hike. The hike will be behind Castle Crags State Park. We try to eat every dinner together while they are in town. Spaghetti-----barbeque lamb and turkey burgers-----homemade tamales tonight (we did not make them but someone's mom from one of my husand's employees). John is good to make sure we have dessert almost every night. :)

Gloria joked that she could just tell people to go to my blog to see what is going on in her life. :) Here is the last post where they play a large part of our doings.

John said this about my dogs last night:

"Those dogs are about the best dogs that there ever were."

Meet Sadie (standing) and Strider. Yes, he is named for the Tolkien Ranger.

Wasn't that sweet? We all jokingly talk about John behind his back, including his wife, that John is just like the Golden retrievers. He knows, we tease him about this. One Father's Day project showed us a photo of John in the water, looking just like a swimming retriever. It had us all laughing. Gloria put the photo of the the dog swimming next to John's photo. He is so good to them.......playing with them whenever he comes to visit. They steal things from his car....he of them peed on their sleeping bag once......he forgives them (but Gloria still remembers :)).




godlover said...

I visited your blog today and enjoyed it. Thanks for the post and you have beautiful dogs!

Calaveras County CA

Chari said...

Thank you for your kind note, Marj. I appreciate it. You might want to look into taking Evening primrose Oil capsules to help your back. I usually take 2 1300mg capsules when I push my back too much and I feel my back injury. It helps a lot. Never recommend to a pregnant woman less than 36 can soften the cervix!

God bless!

Willa said...

I like the "haven heartbeats" idea, Chari. Please keep them up! And Aidan would love a kitty picture, since you're photoing your pets ; -).