Monday, May 5, 2008


Our youngest daughter is 13 years old today. It is bittersweet since she is the last little girl in this family. Thankfully, she intends to keep her youthful manners for years yet. :) So far, so good....but, we know someday, it must end. :(

She was the only one of the offspring born at home in this her own room as a matter of fact. She loves to say that. She is also my favorite labor. I will have to tell her story someday.........I will have to tell all of their stories, someday.
Please leave a note of celebration, if you can.

Maddelyn is the one in the middle....her cousin Kaydance is to her left, and her closest friend. Tallulah to her right.......taken last April 19th when we all went to see a Broadway version of "ANNIE" in Reno. They kind of look alike, don't they! Maddleyn and Tallulah, who are NOT blood-related........have always looked like each other.......and their families sometimes could not tell them apart from the back........especially if they were wearing matching clothes, which is often the case!

With love,



Mamselle Duroc said...

Dearest, darling Maddelyn, have a beautiful and blessed birthday! I love you dearly, and pray for you daily. Thank you so much for being the little sister I wanted so badly. God bless you, sweetie!


Mamselle Duroc said...

P.S. I wanted to write up a birthday post for Maddelyn on my more private blog for family and friends (, and I was wondering if you'd have any objections to my posting some Maddelyn pictures from some of our visits together?


Willa said...

I missed posting on the actual day but I was thinking of you on your birthday, Maddelyn! Clare reminded me. So hard to believe that we met you when you were only half the age you are now. I think Anne wasn't even thirteen back then. Anyway, may you have a wonderful year of being thirteen.