Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haven Heartbeats-Facebook Style

What is the theme for your weekend?

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Chari Goldman Bryan: We will continue to have beautiful weather.......I am going to "gut" our storage shed and re-organize and declutter.......I already have it "gutted", to start the real work. Tomorrow, my family is going on a 10 mile hike.......I am choosing to stay home and continue to declutter that shed....or move myself back to the schoolroom for continued revamping there......maybe this will help me to get going on the school planning.

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...and the comments:

Donna S Mathwig: School planning...oh yes, thank you for reminding me!

Helen Grice Russo: Cleaning & gardening....

Sherri Degraffenreid We just returned from school shopping in Reno and dr. apts. in Sac. so time to sleep in and unpack and clean today so that Sunday I can go to church and relax after with the kiddos.

Gloria Loyd: Photography! (see recent post:)

Jennifer Goldman Kittrell: Hair & rest.

Therese M Mueller: Canning :) Cleaning. Laundry. School schedules. Enjoying the lovely weather!

MacBeth Derham: Packing and driving.

Chari Goldman Bryan: Macbeth, do you leave today? You should post a note each night/day saying where you are....then we can drive across the country with you. Now that my kids know where 40 is...they are jealous that you get to drive in a part of the country they have yet to see. :) Prayers for your safety!

Chari Goldman Bryan: Thanks for sharing, friends! I can now visualize all of you while I work. :) I am in for a brief moment. It is going well! I think I will take my XM radio out there and a cup of Christmas Morning Tea. See ya later!

Mary Gildersleeve: Mass ... work (11-5) ... getting ready for 2nd night of Oklahoma ... now home, sipping a glass of wine and looking at FB for the FIRST TIME all day (and it's actually tomorrow!)

Vanessa Bryan: Working... Overtime $$$ :-) I'm in your boat ;-)

Laureen White: Company & wedding shower

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