Monday, August 16, 2010

Heading South, Summer 2010 DAY ONE


We got a very late start today and did not leave Our Hearts' Haven until 4pm. With only one big stop, we got to San Francisco at 10pm. The last hour was hard. I was feeling quite sleepy, but with Kristin Chenowith singing old-fashioned jazzy love songs and the bickering between the younger boys, I was able to stay awake for my usual bout of "road rage" when it was time to pass the toll on the Bay Bridge. Drivers at that bridge are the most disrespectful drivers I have ever experienced! My goodness! And so consistent. Grrrrr.

It was wonderful to have Gloria answer the door and appear so healthy. Last time she opened the door for us, she was quite pale and without energy.

Of course the little girls could not fall asleep and were quite thrilled to have us here. Lots of giddiness ensued. The teens gathered to see a slide show of Matthew's Switzerland pictures.

It looks to be a late night......but that is okay......we are with cherished friends and there is never enough time to chat.



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