Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Semester Springs into Action

Hello, my friends & loved ones, the few still checking in. :)

I think I am taking a blogging break. If you look at last year's blogging statistics on this blog......you would find things are not much different this year. :)

I have so many things I have wanted to blog about.........ah, well.

I THINK I got our Christmas newsletter done...it just needs photos. I will try to send it out before Lent starts. I promise, I THINK! :)

In the meantime, I cannot blog for awhile because........

-I am trying to get Matthew out of the country. :)

-I am trying to get Anne to a four-year school.

-I am trying to get Matthew into his dream-school when he gets back from being out of the country.

-I am smack in the middle of an intensive basketball schedule for Garrett through our charter school, the first sports team ever, with a VERY GREAT COACH!!!

-I need to get Malachy to basketball clinic because he has been asking for it for months....before soccer was over!

-I have four kids taking classes at the local junior college.

-There is ski/snowboard school on some Thursdays.

-There is skiing or snowboarding whenever there is free time........and, sadly, snow. :(

-I am teaching childbirth classes.

-My house desperately needs re-organizing on one half & decluttering on the other.

-I need to get my seed order in.

-I need to get my chicken order in.

-I need to get the chicken coop cleaned out & ready for the chickies.

-I need to organize the garage.

-I need to write a round-robin letter.

-I need to get Matthew a passport.......but first a certified copy of the birth certificate.

-I need to research and purchase a new camera.

-I need to help the kids make Marty his VERY late, homemade, scrapbooked 2009 calendar, poor guy!

-I need to iron lots of shirts.

-I need to help my struggling readers.

-I need to help my struggling writers.

-I need to plan out a new way of homeschooling.

-I need to plan out a new way to do chores.

-I need to help my 13 year old with her first college class.

-I need to drive people everywhere.

-I need to help my 15 year old pick poems for her Poetry Out Loud competition this week.

-I need to work a few days a month at the hospital.

-I need to re-vamp my childbirth classes.

-I need to figure out a meal plan that works for us, with two vegans in the house.

-I need to get more sleep.

-I need to get to mass.

-I need to pray the Rosary.

-I need to run down to the Bay Area this coming weekend for an interview for Matthew.

-I need to finish Christmas newsletter & get it mailed out via email & snail mail.

-I NEED TO PRAY!!!!!!!
I SO cannot do this alone.
Thanks be to God for His Presence.
I am sure I have more to do.....sigh.....but, for the moment, this is all I can think of........for now.
So, this is why I am not blogging for the moment.
If you actually read this, would you please leave a comment. I am just curious to see who will show up. :)
Blessings from busy Hearts' Haven.
Love, chari


Gloria said...

You're Back! Even if it is only to say that you will not be around for a while :)Glad to hear something from you. I figured you were just BUSY. I haven't been blogging much either. I noticed that lots of blogs have slowed down. It may be the time of year.

Your list of things to do looks overwhelming, but with God, anything is possible! I can only imagine what it will be like when all my little ones get to the ages that yours are at :o
Thank you for the prayers. Could you add a Mrs. Lamberson to St. Gerard's list? Her baby will be baptized with mine at the Maich's by Fr. Alphonsus in mid Feb. She's due on the 29th and she is going to deliver at Nora's (midwife) house because the Lambersons live too far from the hospital. It will be her first after trying for 9 years. I am scheduled for my c-sec at noon on Friday, the 30th.
I will add your globe trotter to our prayers along with help for you with your workload. If you find yourself with time in this town of mine, let me know and you can come over for tea!
Take care, Gloria

Willa said...

Praying! (and reading) I have missed your blogging -- since we haven't talked in person recently : (.

That is some list. How about updating it in about a month? I bet you will have a big dent in it by then. It might make you feel better about what you are doing, and it would certainly inspire your readers : ) or at least this one. You always have so much going on -- I seem to remember another list like this from you a couple of years ago when you were getting ready to go on your USA tour -- I can't remember if it was on your blog or on the RL board, though. I just remember it was very long too!

Robynn said...

I am here reading your blog too.:) All those who love and miss you and miss talking to you toy and miss seeing you and wish we could come up and play:(

Wow, your list is incredible, I wish I was closer so I could help you. What can I do from So. CA? Let me know if you need anything.


Shawna said...

Hi there, I am praying for you too. I'm about to place my seed order, in a few weeks. I'd be happy to place yours too, or share ours if that helps. Also, we're incubating chicks in March..are you interested?
Love you my friend!

LLMom said...

Wow, you are one busy lady. I am sure I will be when my young ones get older.