Sunday, December 7, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

I am just going to spend 15 minutes writing random thoughts.

On working: I have PTWS again.........since one of our night nurses lost her daughter a couple of weeks ago, she is out on bereavement. Therefore, there a few night shifts that need to be covered. Last night I worked the first four hours of a night shift. I left there at 1am. Ugh. I enjoyed taking care of my patients, who were both women I already knew............but I was too tired to be there. I just thank God there was no labor patient needing my constant attention.

So, there have been at least four shifts where our nurses' names have just appeared on the schedule, without our permission, in the last week and a half. I was one of them for the day after Thanksgiving. This is SO stressful as you are proven guilty till you can prove you did not agree, which most of the time is difficult. That is why I keep an email record of what we agree. Luckily I had proof! Phew!

Two of our nurses have called an "emergency" meeting on Monday to try to make sure all shifts are covered. Also very difficult to do, when two of ten nurses are out, and one works full-time and the other, as a supplemental, likes to work as much as possible.

Could you please pray for this meeting and our department? If you read my blog regularly, you know we have been having problems for months on end with nurses out for more than a month. This is hard.


Well, my littlest sister called me before I got a chance to finish this few minutes of journaling..... and that's okay, because relationships are more important than blogging. :)

I have A LOT on my plate right now, responsibility-wise. I need to get back to that focus right, if I can come back later, I will write another Heartbeats post.

Right now, I need to get going, Anne & Matthew have their final show this afternoon.......and Marty and I are going. It is my third showing, his first. Sarah and Garrett will be joining us.

Please pray for a very special and serious issue at Marty's work. Thanks!

Here is picture to share, one of those "blasts from the past"

This is my mother, holding my chubby little sister Teresa, aged 2yrs,

and my paternal grandmother Julia, and little 4 year old me!

Must be circa 1968. Love the ladies dresses. :)

I love you all!


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