Friday, November 7, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

Hey, there!

I am back in to town. I just spent the last two days in a classroom in a distant city for Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring & Principles. It was a good class...though it could be a bit boring......reviewing a lot of info we already know. For the most part, it was nice to review and to have comraderie with our two sister hospitals was fun....and sharing chocolate was good, too. :) far the best part, was spending time with my friend Debbie. It was a 2.5 hour round trip each day.........and we sat together, so we got a lot of time in. Debbie is a co-worker in OB........she was my walking buddy for about two years......we had the best walks, exploring our meadows and woods........and, she was my labor support when I gave birth to Malachy 7 years ago. Last year, Debbie moved about half an hour north of, I definitely see her less. Visiting was a real treat!

Tomorrow is the day for the post-poned double baby shower for Maria & Gloria........and guess what??? Gloria's wee babe still is not feeling, they will not be up this weekend......and so, she will miss her baby shower. Again. I do not think I will post-pone it. Again. I will just collect Gloria's gifts and save them for her eventual arrival....and I will invite those ladies back again for a small tea party when Gloria is here.

Which brings me to the good news.....since Gloria & John could not make it up these last two weekends.........they will come up the Saturday before Thanksgiving.....and stay for 8 days. Now THAT makes all of us very happy! And, she and I are going to be scrapbooking.......and the girls are hoping to sew with Gloria, too. Oh, and as that is the weekend of the kids' show....they will get to see the show, they thought they would be missing. The kids are very happy about this!

In the meantime.....I am going to spend this day making yummy cheesecake, my favorite dessert for baby showers ever since I went to the shower Shawna gave for Felicia. In fact, it was the first time I ever actually liked cheesecake. Now I love it, of course! :).........and cleaning up the house to receive company tomorrow morning for the baby shower for Maria.......and, throwing a bit of school in, too.

Our weather has been rainy....and it snowed on Wednesday while we were gone for the that yesterday, we saw Mount Shasta with a clear blue sky background, completely covered in had been so long without snow, that it was a wonderful shock to see it again. Debbie said: There's the mountain we know! When i get to the other computer, i will try to post a photo. Remind me to do a before and after photo of Mount Shasta.

Now, off to face the day.......with finally a good night's sleep!!

Love and blessings to you this day!


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Willa said...

Hey, weren't WE visiting you just before Thanksgiving last year??