Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Happy birthday from your family,

Aunt Sue,

here in Northern California!

We miss you lots and wish we could see you more! We think about you often and pray for you, too.

Aunt Sue is my dad's oldest sister. He only had sisters......and he only had one older sister. They have a lot of memories together........and talk on the phone together almost every day. I also have wonderful memories with and of my Aunt Sue. We spent a lot of time together when we were in Tahoe....and I played her private home nurse after a few of her surgeries.......who knew then?

Anyway, I realized I would not get a card to her in, I thought, aha! The blog!

I do not have very many digital photos of my Aunt Sue, but here is what I could find..........
Aunt Sue as a baby.....and my Grandma.
Aunt Sue as a toddler and my dad, George, as a baby.
Aunt Sue & my dad, with their Grandma, Charlotte, who died the year before I was born.
My dad named me after her.........sort of. :)
Aunt Sue was the oldest of four:
She stands holding my Aunt Nancy, who still has to fight the curls. :) My dad is the only boy (Georgie) and their younger sister, Aunt Joanie a very red red-head......who has been missed for a long time, as she died when she was 18 years.
The three siblings: George (my dad), Aunt Sue and Aunt Nancy in the late 1980's.
Aren't they sweet?
So, Aunt Sue........we have a gift for you for your birthday............
a bouquet of prayers.
Love, chari

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Claudia said...

LOVED your pictures posted of Aunt Sue. I have some of them myself. I am trying to scan all my old pictures and then send them off to people who are in them and/or would be interested in them. Long project, of course, and there are many projects I already have to do, but I'll keep plugging. Read the recent post to your grandma and those pictures were a gas, too! I know what you mean when you say it's tough enough to live your life, much less find the time to blog about it. Right now, I'm making copies of our old home movies we had transferred to DVDs, so sometime soon, your dad will be getting a copy, as will Sue and Nancy. Hopefully, they can make copies for your generations (and quicker than I did!) so you can have one. They are cool, but no sound. That's part of what took me so long, I had planned on putting music on them. I finally said to heck with it, I need to send them out. You inspired me to get them going so everyone can enjoy them NOW. You amaze me still with all you do. Incredible energy!

Loving you lots and lots,
Cuz Claudia