Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beauty & the Beast

We arrived home from our Star-Spangled Adventure in time to join the Mount Shasta Repertory Theater Company's summer production of Beauty & the Beast. This is the first show in which ALL six of the kids are performing. It may be the last. Who can tell? But it is fun!

Originally, as we were going to be missing most of the rehearsals while we were on our trip, all of the kids were given roles in the ensemble. But, just before we left, Sarah was given the role of Silly Girl (one of three girls infatuated with Gaston, the villain) and Matthew would be playing Cogsworth, the clock. Both would be splitting the role with another cast member, playing about half the shows. Well, due to some folks dropping out, Sarah got to keep her role the whole run, Anne was also made a Silly Girl, and Matthew got the role of Lumiere.
Here is the run down of parts for the Bryan Family Performers:
Anne: Silly Girl Two, Dancing Plate, mother in mob scene
Matthew: Lumiere
Sarah: Silly Girl One, dancing plate, girl at mob scene
Maddelyn: Village Girl, Dancing flower vase, girl at mob scene
Garrett: Village Boy, Little Drunk boy under table in Tavern, Dancing Knife (flatware), boy in mob scene & castle fight
Malachy: Village Boy, Salt Shaker, Scared little boy in mob scene


The show runs for 11 nights. Tonight starts the last weekend run. There are two Belles, splitting the shows. The one you see below in the photos is a very special friend to the kids, and she had her closing night last weekend. Only four shows to go!!

I LOVE live theater. Beauty & the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. This show is good. I wish all of you could see it!
Wanna enjoy a few photos? I have taken about 1000 photos.........because of all of the movement, only about 100-200 come out good enough to keep. It is fun to try!

The Bryan Family Performers,
posing with their special Belle, Kathy Young,
playing her ultimate dream role.
Gotta love Matthew's candle hands
that light up and flicker, like a real flame!

Garrett as a piece of a flatware set, with Belle,
during the big number, BE OUR GUEST.

Here is a BE OUR GUEST scene.
Maddelyn is the Flower Vase second from Belle.
Matthew is standing there to the right.....see his candles?
That funny tall thing in the back is a broom.
See the corkscrew to the right, in the back?

Anne & Sarah as the China. Aren't they adorable!
I wonder if they ever thought they would be a "plate" when they grew up. :)

Malachy as a Salt Shaker, in BE OUR GUEST.
The Pepper Shaker is the director's young son Caleb.
The audience just loves their sweet appearance.

Just Sarah.....cute 1940's look!

This is a part of the Mob Scene, when Gaston tries to have Belle's father locked up in an insane asylum. Isn't Maddelyn sweet? She and her friend Alicea have blue mob caps, shawls and a teddy bear between them. Maddelyn is the one with the big eyes. :) Anne's head is bent, top right, with a cream mob cap in place. She is holding a little girl, a wiggly one by the looks of it.



Belle says, "I am a little hungry." Here is Matthew as Lumiere the candlestick, with his castle co-horts Cogsworth the clock & Mrs. Potts the tea pot.


If you can join us this weekend, we would love to have you! If not, sorry we missed you!



Anonymous said...


What great photos of the play. I wish I could see it in person, but it won't work this time. I almost feel like I got to go after reading your post! You have the greatest kids... how fun that they all got to be in this one.


Donna Mathwig said...

When I saw your email load in my inbox, I waited hours to view the pics; I knew they would make me sad and miss everyone. Yep, that's what happened - and I still haven't shown them to Kelsey. It looks to be a very fun production, and all of your children look so bright and shiny! (Stars?)

Blessings to you all! Donna

Alice Gunther said...

You have officially had the most phenomenal summer ever!!!!

What an incredible production. The costumes are so beautiful and creative, and your children are absolutely lovely in every way!

Fantastic! I wish we could have seen the performance!

Diane said...

Beautiful photos, Chari! What a wonderful (and demanding) experience for your family.

Wish we could've been there to see it. Very impressive!

Jane Ramsey said...

Wow! That looks like great fun, Chari. How proud you must be!

Willa said...

How sad that we missed it : ( ---but the photos are great. Viewing them from Alaska!

Chari said...

Frances: I am SO glad you got to join us last night! Love the photos at your blog! Thanks again for walking my friend and girls to the car. I really apprciate it!

Donna: I am sorry it has to be so bittersweet. What a blast it would have been to have Kelsey with us, in the cast. As ever, we MISS all of you immensely. Please email me the dates of your next arrival.........and save some for us!

Alice: I SO wish you could have seen it, too. Would you believe we have ONE more VERY BIG thing to do yet, before summer 2007 is officially over???? Watch my blog for details! :)

Diane & Jane: Thanks for peeking, and for your kind words!

Willa: I am sorry you missed it, too. I miss you. Alaska is SO far away, but I am praying for your trip. Thanks for popping in!

Love to all!


Surprised by Joy said...

How wonderful you all look! Very fun.....

McGovern Gang

I said...

I was a lucky one and got to see all of my favorite Bryan kids in the play! You all did an extraordinary job! Avery and Hudson are still talking about it! Oh, and Hudson's 1st class will be going to see a play in the winter....Beauty and the Beast! I'm sure it will not compare!
Love you all!