Friday, August 3, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Forty-Seven

Sunday, July 8th, Day Forty-Seven:
Even though I was short on sleep, we managed to get out of the hotel in a timely manner :) Hey, we have clean laundry..........and it needs to last us till we get home on the 16th!

Today was the first of three Little House days.
We drove across the Mississippi River into Minnesota today (my friend Paula says it is the best state in the union........I admit, I am kind of partial to California :)).......drove along the River, which looks less muddy up here than it did in Saint Louis.......and very pretty scenery here, too. Lots of trees....lotsa green.

We crossed BACK into Wisconsin, as we drove to Pepin, home of Little House in the Big Woods.
First, we went to the museum there.............where there was a very talkative and friendly docent. Then, we went to the Museum store, which thankfully had air conditioning :)
I already own most of the Little House books in the store but I did pick up a book called

I also picked up a prairie girl cookie cutter. Sweet.
We drove a few miles out of town, to the site of the Little House, and the place of Laura Ingalls Wilder's birth. We had a picnic lunch, felt the wind pick up and a very stormy sky develop. We worried, as we were camping in our tent tonight. The house is a replica of the original little House. The wayside park is surrounded by very tall cornfields. The people in Pepin are so proud of their Little House heritage.

Well, the storm was picking up, the sky getting scarier, so we headed back to Winona, Minnesota, where we were planning to stay the night at a campground, near the Mississippi River.

We found our campground, checked in, set up the tent and the kids got to go swmming till dark. Then we ate dinner in the dark, with the worst bugs of the entire trip, at any campsite.

Maddelyn and Matthew acted out a spontaneous "radio show" outside the tent for those in the tent. It was "Into the Bugs" a parody of the musical "Into the Woods." It was composed of all of the characters they have played in their past shows. Hysterical. A few raindrops fell. We slept.


Cay Gibson said...

Love the Little House picture. That's one we haven't added to our collection...yet. :)

Chari said...

Hi, Cay!

I just posted the next Little House more to go! The Big Woods site is only worth a drive if you are already nearby, not much there, certainly nothing original..........DeSmet is VERY worth it.......but give yourself TWO slow days, instead of one RUSHED day, to see everything. It is very nice to drive the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historical Highway........and see so many LH sites along one route.