Friday, July 31, 2009

There's Taiko in Our Future!

I am so excited!

WE are so excited!

Marty scored 8 comp tickets for us to go see an internationally acclaimed Taiko Drum concert.

It's the Shasta Yama 2009!

Don't know what Taiko drumming is??? Wikipedia tells us here.......all about it.

And here is a promotional video:

Here is video of San Francisco Taiko performing:

The founder of SF Taiko, founded in 1968, will be preforming tonight, too. He brought Taiko to the West Coast.

A few of my friends have drummed over the years............and one of our young friends will be in this concert.

We used to go and watch them rehearse at the city park after ballet class and after play rehearsals.

One time we saw them in a mini-concert for an extended care facility............and I was very pregnant with Maddelyn. She went wild in the womb when the drumming played! It was so funny! The room was too small for all of that drumming.......but it was good!

I have always loved listening to them.....and watching them. But, I could not afford tickets to go see their concerts.....soooo this is so exciting!

The concert will be outdoor and Mt Shasta will be the backdrop for the show. Lawn sitting with a picnic. Doesn't that sound lovely? I was just reading in another article that one of the performers thinks this may be the largest outdoor Taiko concert in the US....with "world class musicians."

How cool is that?

Post note: Our plans are tempered with the fact that the two youngest fellas threw up in the middle of the night........though seem fine right now. Please pray it all works out!!

Many blessings on your day!!

Love, joy and prayers!


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