Friday, July 3, 2009


.....for our community's Fourth of July celebration tomorrow!

Our town has frequently been voted the best small town 4th of July celebration.........and it attracts 6,000-10,000 visitors every year.

The day starts with a FUN WALK/ 8:30am sharp

.......then there are prizes given away.........including a new car every year. At least once it was won by a kid.

There is an all-you-can-eat breakfast at the local Catholic Church.

There is a street fair for four days.

There are happenings at our parks.

At noon, the parade starts. It is not all that interesting of a parade, but we used to go every year. Garrett will be in it this year with his baseball team that won the season.

Then, we head to the lake with lots of food.......because we will be there till midnight! The fireworks over the lake are wonderful and every year we have more and more friends join us........last year I bet we reached 50 people. This year I think may go up!

Then..............we go home, absolutely exhausted! :)

And, the parade is always started off with the NATIONAL ANTHEM.

And, THIS year, it will be sung by our own Miss Sarah!

She will have her biggest audience yet.......and probably will never be able to top this number in the future. And, it is her first public singing performance.

We will take any prayers for her to do her best, of course!

Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians,


Happy Fourth of July!!!

With love from,
Chari & the family at Our Hearts' Haven


Anonymous said...

Sarah!! So excited for you and sad we couldn't be there. You have such a great voice and I'm sure you did fantastic!~ -Kelsey- (mathwig) = )

Meredith said...

I hope it went well for her, what a beautiful girl, she's so grown up now :)) Hey, you gotta call me TODAY!!! Check you're email!