Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Wig-Wam in the Woods

A few years back, my family and Willa's family, took to the road, to spend a day exploring Yosemite. It was our one and only visit. At that time, our boys were quite impressed by the indian homes there. When we returned to Willa's home, they built their own indian home. It took a few years, but it eventually returned to the earth.

Before we arrived for our visit this year, they made plans to build a new one. Having more years of life experience under their belts, they were able to visualize something more involved.

Here is the photo story.......

Matthew, on crutches, took on the role of Ramses, building his "pyramids" with his little slaves: Keiron 13, Garrett 12, Aidan 10, Malachy 7 & Paddy 6.
We were quite amused.

An overall view of where the wigwam is to be.

Matthew & his crutches.

Aidan is digging a place for the opening-see the rocks in the foreground...literally......placed to hold that end of the wigwam.

A close-up of the rock work.

Matthew, bossing.......I mean, leading and guiding.

Matthew showing them how it is done right. Aidan & Garrett look on.

Keiron & Garrett swinging their axes...part I

...and have swung their axes.......part II

Final product: The morning after their first sleep out in the wigwam. Garrett, Keiron, Sean & Matthew slept out there the first night. The second night it was just Matthew and Sean......and it ended in the morning with them running inside due to unexpected thundershowers!

Detail of the inside wall.......

Another detail of the inside walls.......

Yet another detail of the inside wall......

Detail of upper part of the inside wall

Detail of the upper part from the outside

The boys are still inside......

Close-up of the boys: Sean, 16 (Willa's) & Matthew, 18 (mine)

Detail of the bark

Finished product!

My favorite view...out the top!

The view of Willa's house from the wig wam.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to the wigwam......till who knows when.....
And to Willa's family, too....till July? Maybe!
Oh, wait! Tomorrow IS July...well, maybe till later in July!
Please pray for our drive tomorrow....
......I expect to be no less than ten hours on the road....ugh!
Love & Blessings!


Mary said...

Pretty impressive.

Anne (aussieannie) said...

What a fabulous wigwam! Sounds as though these two families have had a really wonderful time.

I'll pray for your 10 hour trip, a friend close to my heart that we visited only recently was a good 12 hours away, so I know what you mean by 'ugh!'

Anonymous said...

Wow, Chari--impressive wigwam!! What fun and even better what memories to cherish!!

Anonymous said...

Chari, May I say the tall young boss man is one goodlooking kid. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. I have always adored Matthew and his way with his siblings. Thanks for the glimpse! Kiss them all for me.

stef said...

wow -- that is just neat neat neat!! my boys will want to that too!

Theresa said...

Very, very cool!

Mary G said...

Very cool .... and so wonderful when hs families get together and really work it out themselves!