Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Haven Heartbeats

     I am so loving this late summer weather!!! We deserve it so much! Besides just keeping warm and having more enjoyable outdoor time.......we get to delay the first frost .......which means: more produce from the garden!!! We deserve that, too!

And............................It is so lovely to have a warm soccer season!!


     I went to bed early one night last week, after a long day at work and another expected on the morrow and my little fella, 9yo Malachy, came in to see me and said, "I have a hug for you." After mauling me with the hug, he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth for bed. Afterward, he awakened me with these energetic words "I just have to give you one more hug because I love you soooo much." It was so sweet. I hope these moments last a lot longer! Having the three youngest with TOUCH as their primary love language means I have lots of extended cuddling time.   :)


Great quote from a video biographyof Theodore Roosvelt:
"Take care of your morals first, your health next and then your studies." ~~~Theodore Roosevelt's father to his son when Teddy went away to college

We looove this documentary!  It is our second time to view it.  It is from Netflix and is part of the  "American Experience" video series. 


     My 14 year old son saw a chiropractor yesterday, one new to us. He asked Garrett if he had any siblings. Garrett chuckles and says, "Yeah." The doctor asks what he has…….the reply: three sisters and two brothers. Of course the doctor was easily impressed…….since he is not familiar with the fact that six children is not actually a large family.  :) 

      Then he asked Garrett which sibling who he was closest to…….after a moment’s pause for pondering…….Garrett replied: “All of them.”  Nice answer.

      That got me pondering……..and when I look at all six of my kids to see who is closest to whom….I cannot find any pairs that necessarily favor each other. They all seem to enjoy each other’s company pretty equally…..though they do take the opportunity for seeking out one sibling over another for various reasons.

     I am glad to reflect on this and see that they truly have become each others’ best friends. Quite gratifying. And, I note, that other than providing ample time together through homeschooling and creating numerous memories, I have had very little to do with this outcome.

     Please pray that these treatments will help heal my boy's he can feel comfortable on the sports fields!


     Speaking of this chiropractor.......when he was done with Garrett, he generously threw in an adjustment of almost every one of my joints, gratis!  I have not been to my chirporpactor in years.......and this last month the need was most definitely showing. It is such a relief to have my lymphatic system moving well again!  I was so tight.....e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  This was such a blessing!  So unexpected.  He says to bring Garrett back in a week and he will give me one more adjustment as well.  Yay!

     I feel so much relief now.....physically, mentally and emotionally.  Phew.  Deo gratias for generous chiropractors.

     I have a niece who feels she has a calling to become a chiropractor.......she already promised that she would give me treaments!  I only have to wait another 10 years.  :)

     We have company for dinner, a meadow nature walk and a movie night.  The Music Man is the movie of choice.  I need to go get the dinner going now so the rest of the day goes easier!

Blessings till the next time I ramble…….

With love,


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