Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy SWEET Sixteen to Our Wee Lass!!!

Maddelyn Claire was born on 5-5-95.

She was born at home, at Our Hearts' Haven.  In fact, she was born in the room she now occupies.  My labor with her was my favorite.  I wish I had time to write the story....maybe I will tell it to her for her birthday. 
She was named for her grandmother, Marty's mother, Marilyn Claire.
There are so many things that I love about Maddelyn......the thing I love the most is that she will always get to be our little girl....and so easy to hug and hold. 

Not sure how the years have passed so quickly that our youngest girl is so old........

I have a few pictures to share....and while they were upright when I uploaded them.....I cannot get them to cooperate.  Ah, blogger........

So, if you could please enjoy, with just a turn of your head.......  :)

This is one of our favorite photo stories...and it is SO Maddelyn!

Picture One:

Picture Two:

Picture Three:


Maddelyn broke her leg when she was 5 years old...uh, I mean...someone broke her leg.  Here she is with her best friend since birth:  Talullah.

Not sure how old she is here......but she sure is sweet!


This is Maddelyn this year........the year she reaches 16 years of age. 

She is shown here with her other best friend, Catherine,
at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.


Happy & Blessed Birthday,

dear Maddelyn,

little girl of our hearts!

We love you!!!

Your family.........of Hearts' Haven


AHA said...
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Teraisa said...

Dang, my last comment wasn't signed in with MY login... Happy birthday Maddelyn, love you so very much. Hav a terrific tomorrow.

molly said...

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl.