Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday to Sarah L'il Beth!

Our beautiful daughter Sarah Elizabeth was received into our family on this day 18 years ago. 

From birth, she was such a uniquely, beautiful baby....all of the nurses ooh'd and ah'd over her...strangers always noted her beauty.

Named after a couple of ancient grandmothers on both sides of her maternal side and her Aunt Elizabeth, she always thought her name was

"Sarah Little Beth"

.......but of course, being little, it always came out lil Beth.

Congratulations, Sarah L'il Beth!

We love you!

And, we promise, we will let you maintain a part of your childhood for yours to come......we won't make you give it up yet!  ;)

This next year will be full of so many new experiences & adventures, just for you!

Have an amazing year!


we must not forget to wish my niece a


to Alexis!

We love you!

Have a beautiful day......and wear the one green, one purple stocking!

What a treat to have two cousins share the same birthday!

Love, Mama/Aunt Chari

PS:  As I write this, Maddelyn is fingering a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday on the piano.

Oh, and Alexis's dad and I share the same birthday, too!


Anonymous said...

I was just looking at my calendar the other day and realizing it was her 18th!!!! WOW! That went fast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah! You are a true beauty, both inside and out!!! Hope your day was great!

Sierra S. said...

My dear Sarah, though I haven't yet told you in person, and your actual birthday was three days ago,do not think I forgot! I pray you have a blessed year and hope to see you very soon! Happy Birthday from the entire Stocking Family!

dana said...

Jiddee, Uncle Chris, Aunt Dana,
Cousins Julia and Ben wish you Sarah a happy birthday and every day! We love and miss you...