Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am off to Rivendell......yet again!

I am finally doing it.......I am finally using the treadmill again.

I thought I would get started in January.

March is almost Januaury, right? ;)

And, when the snow melts AND it warms up......I will walk outside with the girls.

I have taken my WALK TO RIVENDELL pedometer back down to ZERO.

Well, I took it back to zero and added this week's miles.

Anyone joining me? Willa?

Please pray for persistence...consistency.....cheerfulness......results. :)




Frances said...

I'll join you within the next couple of days. I've fallen off the wagon a bit due to circumstances beyond my control. But I'll join you!

Gloria said...

If I had a pedometer I'd join too. Sounds like a place I'd enjoy visiting ;).