Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Wee Maestro!

Tonight, finally, Malachy was able to put his own composition to paper.


He has been playing his own composition for months.......begging someone to help him write it down.

Tonight, Sarah was sitting at the piano, working on a piece, when Malachy (age 8 years) approached her. In his hand was the music composition book I had finally unearthed from Matthew's things.

After helping him for a bit, he says to her:

"Thank you SO much!! I have been needing to get this written down. You know, Sarah........I have to start sometime. I mean, Beethoven started when he was eight. Of course, I will not be completely like Beethoven ........or like August Rush." :)

Not quite sure where he got the "Beethoven was eight" info..........but he sure brings a smile to our faces with frequency! Gotta love that kid!

I guess I should create a video of him playing his piece, eh?

Maybe tomorrow......

Lenten Blessings,


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Miss Anne said...

Too darn cute!!!!! At moments like those, I yearn to be there, not only to share in his fun, but to pick him up and spin him around, and then cuddle him and tickle him until we're tired from laughing. I miss my malachy.......and I so look forward to his growth as a musician :) little August Rush :)