Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ten Beautiful Things.....

............. I noticed today.

1. The sun rising over the snowy world........we have had the snowiest January in 40 years. The snow after the first weekend in February, in my front yard, is as tall as my shoulder, and even taller than me on one edge. I am 5'5".

2. The geese flying in a V over my head, listening to their honking.

3. The sun lighting up Black Butte, covered in snow. Black Butte is small extinct volcano. We have wonderful views of it from our property.

4. The appearance of Mt Shasta after its disappearance a week ago.......completely covered in pure, white snow.

5. The sun setting over the Eddies, lighting up the clouds, with various shades of pink and yellow. The Eddies (mountains) are the view from our backyard. We have some of the most glorious sunsets, year round.

6. The sparkle in the jewels glistening.

7. The snow in trees.......I just love the snowy decorations on the evergreen trees.

8. A meadow completely covered in snow, except for a pond, shaped like a stream, where ducks were floating....I love this meadow, year round, passing it sometimes daily. I just love the seasonal changes, and I frequently stop, just to savor the view.

9. Christmas lights in the snow......the snow came fast and furious before most folks got their Christmas lights down. It is so fun, to drive home in the dark, with Christmas lights lighting up the snow falling, and giving colored reflections off of the fallen snow. It is especially lovely when the lights give color to an evergreen covered in snow.

10. The glow in the fire as the flames leap. We heat our house only by woodstove. A few times a week find me sitting and staring into the flames enjoying their dance....perfect for meditation, or just basic "spacing out." :)

I originally wrote this list approximately February 2nd. It takes awhile for me to actually get to the blog. Have you noticed? :)

So, I challenge YOU to look for TEN beautiful things around you, too. If you do, please post on your blog, and leave a note in my comments section so I can come see your list. If you do not have a blog, please leave a list in my comments section.

If I remember, I will try to do this at least once a season.

Enjoy the is everywhere around us! Blessed be God!


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Shari said...

This is a wonderful idea, Chari. Just the thing to keep the February Blues at bay. I loved your daughter's poem too! One of my sons is using The Tyger for copy work and he liked her version better!