Thursday, November 22, 2007

It is Thanksgiving Day!

Where are you? How did you spend your day? DO share!

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I headed WEST.......for the first time since driving across the country on our Star-Spangled Adventure. We arrived in time for their Great-Grandma's Thanksgiving meal, last night. I think Grandma was hoping to make the BIG meal while no kids were underfoot ( I do believe she will agree with that :)). We were too full last night to have, that is awaiting us tonight after a bit.

After having major trouble falling asleep last night, due to a DOUBLE dose of Cafe Mocha at Java Joe's in Redding at 3:30pm......WHAT WAS I THINKING????..........I awakened today, obviously tired....but, just in time for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We do not have any TV (we have a TV, just no television on it....we use it for movies--fun & educational), this was only the second time the kids had seen the parade, the first time being last Thanksgiving, when we came here for a visit in 2006. It was such a fun contrast....because, since last Thanksgiving, we have actually been to New York City. It really changes our whole perspective. Plus, it was even more fun watching the Broadway musical scenes before the parade, having now seen a couple of Broadway shows.

I started organizing my Christmas cards, getting ready to address them.......while the kids watched an Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney)movie. The boys helped Uncle Steve start the process of prepping for Christmas lights. Tomorrow, they will work really hard on the project. Uncle Steve has been doing this for a hobby over the past few years, with his holiday decor getting more elaborate over the years. I will post a photo when I can.....maybe of last year's scene.

I researched the Internet for info on the latest Disney movie, dad agreed to treat for the movie.......and we headed out the door, while Grandma put togther an evening meal.

We had such a delightful time at the movie! We rarely go to the movies......but for the last six years, any movie I have seen has been a Lord of the Rings movie or a "Pirate" movie......quite adventurous.........Enchanted was just plain fun, and, well, enchanting! It was clever, the music was enjoyable, the lyrics amusing, the acting good........and, once again, the kids and I could totally relate to the NYC scenes. :) The "dancing and singing in Central Park" was quite inviting. :) We all left with smiles on our faces, as was promised by a review. This is almost like the Disney of the past. We knew we could look forward to it when we saw the music was by Stephen Schwartz & Alan Menken. Let me know if you enjoy it.

Just a side note: the lead male is a divorce, there is a divorce being dipicted........and, the lead male is a single dad.....who eventually says his wife left him. My kids are older and not as unaware as they may have been as youngsters. If this concerns you, do preview before your kids see it. Also, there are a few scary scenes, very much like in Sleeping Beauty.

In fact, I called a friend, who has a daughter who will not appreciate the movie because of her youth ........but, I told the mom, she would love it. Any adult who has grown up with Disney Princess movies, going all the way back to the first, will appreciate this story.

We came home to a yummy roast, salad and potatoes. Thanks, Grandma!

Anne worked on her school papers; the rest watched I Love Lucy re-runs. Then, we watched a Howard Keel musical we brought from the library, Kismet. Kind of slow........definitely not as much fun as any of his other movies.

Pie, ice cream.....and bedtime!

With Thanksgiving blessings,



Willa said...

Hi! You should do this more often ;-).

We spent Thanksgiving with extended family, watching football and my niece's wedding DVD. The DVD was a winner for anyone who grew up with Disney Princess, too.

Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving, and I am wishing you a holy Advent.

Anonymous said...

It's about time you BLOGged again. I have been checking EVERY day. LOL. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We were here at the house, just us. It was nice and relaxing, and stress free. Check out my new BLOG (had to delete the other one) for a photo of my FIRST turkey!
Take care,

I said...

Hi Bryan Family!
Hope Thanksgiving was enjoyable and lovely. It should have been, being that you were with Grandma!
(I haven't actually read the blog, yet)

I'm actually writing to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW! I've tried a couple of times to call but it's busy. And, it's not quite 7:00 so I'm not calling the cell yet. So, incase I don't get to call again please know we are all thinking of you on your special day!
Love you!
The Kittrells