Friday, October 19, 2007

Time For Another Birthday!

I remember quite well what I was doing exactly six years ago at this moment. I was in labor with the wee fella.


I had just laid my head down for a short nap, waiting for my body to declare labor. My dear friend Willa had arrived earlier that evening with her seven kids. They were there for Anne's 13th birthday party the next day. My due date was still 9 days away. We thought we could do the party without mishap. Silly us. That turned out to be such a blessing as we had not yet found anyone able to baby-sit the kids when we went to the hospital for his birth. God took care of the plans for us! How grateful I am!


Anyway..... Willa and all of the children went to bed, too. I awakened at midnight. At 12:30, it was obvious I was definitely in labor. It took half an hour to wake Marty up all of the way. Willa was sleeping, but Anne and Clare were chatting their hearts out on the bunk above Willa. I told them we were leaving for the hospital, and to pray a Rosary for us. Willa never actually woke up till morning, to find us gone........and that she was in charge of the party! :) Actually, Anne kind of ran things, with Willa at her side. It was a literature-themed birthday party. That's a surprise coming from our house. :)


So we left for the hospital about 1am........and the sweet fella was welcomed into our arms at 2:04am. All 7 pounds of him.......our biggest baby to date! :)


We brought him home in the middle of the party :) Naming him took a couple of days.......and there is a good story about that........but it will have to wait for another post.


We were hoping to spend his day at two soccer games, one for him and one for Garrett, and then head over to a pumpkin patch with our dear friends Louise, Miranda and Evan........but it is supposed to be really cold tomorrow (maybe even rain or snow 60% chance) and with his mama feeling a case of bronchitis coming on........we will delay till Sunday, as the temperature is supposed to be about ten degrees warmer, and sunny. Then, we come home for cake and ice cream. He is getting a scrapbook and supplies for his birthday......his big wish. Really! :)


In the meantime,

Happy 6th Birthday, little man!


Disneyland, September 2007




Lh said...

Great Tale, and Happy Birthday to the handsome young man!

I hope you all are in good health.

Chari said...

Thanks, LH, for the best wishes! Except for ME, we are all in good health :)

I will be back there soon, though!


Willa said...

Six years old! So hard to believe it's been that long ;-)! May your next year be a blessed one, Malachy!

Chari said...

Thank you, Willa! And, the next year will be definitely blessed........knowing you are bring little friends for him to play with next month! :)

Cay Gibson said...

Oh, no! No!
That "baby" looks too old. How on earth did this happen. :(

I know he had a joyful day but it still makes this momma sad. :(