Sunday, July 8, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Forty-Two

Tuesday, July 3rd, Day Forty-Two:

LONG day......kind of a creepy ending.......including a night sleeping in the car..... :)

Happy ending :)

More details to follow...someday :)

By the way, I caught a discussion on C-Span in a hotel room....Myrna Blyth, speaking about her new book: HOW TO RAISE AN AMERICAN. She talked about "teaching American history" to our kids......and I thought, WOW, my kids have really learned, EXPERIENCED, their American history on this trip. My kids are naturally patriotic......this trip has sealed that. Then, the author states.....take the kids on a trip to see parts of our country. :) Been there, done that. :)


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Willa said...

That's neat, Chari.
Hope to get to talk to you soon!